Membership Registration

You can only donate and receive sacraments if you are a member of Bada Health Temple.

If you are a member of Bada Health Temple, you will:

  1. Be free from being forced to have vaccinations or medication against your will.
  2. Have access to Bada Health Temple’s sacraments at cost price. The sacraments include: devices, supplements, minerals, etc. Lions need to maintain their health.
  3. Get reduce price tickets for seminars and FREE access to the first 7 chapters of the book “My Universe”.

The cost of membership is 150 SEK per year.

Click here to become a member of Bada Health Temple:

Once you have paid on paypal, you will be taken to the Membership Registration page.

The Membership Registration Page looks like this:

Bada temple membership registration

Please follow these steps on the Membership Registration Page:

  1. enter your username (this is the name you will use to log into the website) – VERY IMPORTANT YOU REMEMBER THIS
  2. enter your first name
  3. enter your last name
  4. enter your e-mail address
  5. enter you password
  6. confirm your password
  7. click on the grey box to submit your registration
  8. go to your e-mail address, open the e-mail we sent you and click on the link to confirm your registration.


You are now a member of Bada Health Temple.

You can log into Bada Health Temple on the right hand side of this page using your USERNAME and PASSWORD that you just created.

In one week’s time we will send you access to the first chapter of Dan’s book ‘My Universe’. And then we will give you access to another chapter of the book every week for 7 weeks.
Also have a look at our devices and natural supplements.


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