My Universe book

Foreword by the author.

During the writing of this book, my mind went often, in loving gratitude to my master and cosmic brother Alexander J Markus. It was through Alexander I finally found the entrance, or shall we say upswing (go upstairs), to the Cosmic higher spiritual knowledge.  

It was Alexander who taught me to meditate for greater knowledge of the Cosmos. It was Alexander who taught me to seek knowledge of the universe, Dimensions, what is called God and Man. It was Alexander who showed me the way to where the real knowledge exists, namely in the Universe, the dimensions, in that which is called God and in the Cosmos, above the real human being is the Cosmic Human Being.


In other words, Alexander helped me to detach myself from the rough material of the 3rd dimension. It was Alexander who gave me his Mantra which I pass on to you, my dear friends, at the end of this book.


A big and loving thank you to you, my dear cosmic Brother and Master, Alexander J Markus, now also called Sandor Markus . For me, you remain human teacher and Master Alexander J Markus.


I would also like to convey a large and loving thanks to my dear friends, Cosmic brothers and sisters, who helped with the proofreading of this book. Their support has been invaluable to me. Warm and sincere thanks to:

My beloved wife, Hui Liang

Bengt, Karina and Therese Nilson

Siw Alfredsson and Carina Larsson

Britt Sundqvist

Maria Johansson,

Gudrun Pärnarp

Harry Lepistö   

There are more and you are not forgotten, know my warm thanks to you, too.

Finally: A warm and sincere thanks to all the people I met during my journey on planet Earth. You have been invaluable to my knowledge of Earth Man.