One of Bada Health Temple’s main tasks is to keep the seminar. The first is scheduled in mid-April.

The seminars will focus on the universe, the cosmos low, about our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, how to spiritually develop themselves for a life of love, gratitude and harmony here on Earth,

The seminars will also be about health and how to maintain their health in an increasingly toxic influence of the world, about release from sensory forces and liberation from the mind control that many suffer, and so on.

Dan Persson has throughout its current incarnation, sought answers to question about what his role was in this incarnation. Stepwise he has developed himself in a cosmic spirituality, and has been able to receive and understand the higher cosmic science. Dan Persson explains the truth as it is, ie, not filtered genom.jordiska mind powers, paradigms, cultures or religions.

Bada Health Temple was and is the answer to his earlier questions. Dan has devoted his life to a life in the service of man.

Dan is in constant contact with their cosmic brothers and sisters out there in the universe, and he has developed the ability to cross the dimensional limits.

The knowledge that Dan Persson is quite unique on Earth, that he is also able to transform into and combine higher cosmic knowledge with his great knowledge of mankind on the planet Earth, he is quite alone

Dan Persson said; if you do not understand the universe, one can not understand the human being and if you do not understand human being, you can not understand the universe.

Bada Health Temples want to give you this knowledge for a harmonious life in the higher spirituality.


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